Data unification

Customers use multi devices and browsers to access brand digital assets and brand have to unify those data to have 360 degree view of customer. It’s enable brand to send seamless and personalized message to customers.

How it works

Using deterministic and probabilistic technology with your engaged messages


Using marketing campaign like web popup, app popup, recommendation widget to get customer interesting for providing the value information.


Using marketing campaign like email, push notification to get user interact and match with identified profile from other devices or browsers.

Unification by use cases

How single customer view help marketer and business


Identify the right channel to engage and collect purchase behaviour for attribution model.


Unify customer data on multi sources and channels to help business to engage with customers.


Understand the customer behaviour and engage the personalized and seamless message on any channel.

Customer experience

Using data collection and unification to help brand have great customer experience on any touch points.