How platform can help?

Using unified data platform to manage and unify your customer data the right way


Identify traffic source

Collect sources from customer at the first time they’re landing to your web/app from the marketing campaign or digital media advertising: zalo oa, facebook post, linkedin post…


Collect customer data

Not only anonymous but also identified customers to enrich data every time they visit your web/app. Link the customers between multi channels to increase engagement and retention.


Engage visitors

Understand visitors and their behaviours to provide the right product and recommends the best things to them by using web push, app push, web popup, app popup.


Increase brand awareness

Marketing program can be designed easily by drag and drop tool to create customer journey for lead nurturing or lead education, to help customer increasing intent for purchasing product or service.


Lead conversion

Onsite engagement by offer the right product and promotion to convert lead to customer when they are ready to buy. Or using recommendation widget in email, push notification like product recommendation, product may you like, product buy with…


Increase customer value

Identify the first-time purchase, second-time purchase… and analyze their behavior before sending strong marketing message for cross-sell, up-sell. 


Reduce customer churn

Keep connect and communicate with your customers based on recency and frequency activities, reduce at-risk customer and make them come back.


Better customer experience

Understand customer journey and lifecycle stage via behaviour, activity on any touch point from online to offline. Trigger the real-time message at the right time for support, feedback and rating. 

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